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Valuation of WIM Silver Dirhams versus Other Silver Products

By Irwan ibn Izhar

The valuation of silver dirhams authorized by the World Islamic Mint (WIM) in common currencies such as the USD ($), Euro (€), Malaysian Ringgits (RM)—i.e. the ‘price’ of the WIM silver dirhams as reflected in official rates available on its web sites—is often compared to prices of other silver products sold in the market.



The Utah Monetary Declaration


WHEREAS, the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness require for their full enjoyment the indispensable right to honourably acquire, use, hold and transfer property;



The role of gold in the daily and economic life of Pakistan

By Amna Nasir Jamal

Gold prices have hit 14 new peaks during last two and a half months on the back of surging global prices. The rise of gold beyond $1,784.71 an ounce earlier this week in the international market and past Rs. 50,952.37 per 10 gram in local market prices has generated fresh interest in the yellow metal.



Gold Rush – speculative bubble or political issue?

By Abu Bakr Rieger

The rush for gold has assumed enormous proportions lately and in fact is nothing other than a referendum of wallets. More and more people mistrust paper currencies and are placing their assets in gold.



The Liberty Dollar

By Khalil Breuer

The history of the USA is awash with figures that stood for justice and freedom. Names such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X can today be joined by one Bernard von NotHaus.



Swiss Gold to the Rescue

A National Council Member Contemplates the Use of Gold

Ulrich Schlüer, a member of Switzerland’s National Council for the Swiss People’s Party, has submitted an unusual Parliamentary initiative. Based on Article 160 Paragraph 1 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and Article 107 of the Swiss Parliament Act, he has drafted a remarkable proposal according to which the Swiss Constitution should be amended as follows:



RBZ urges gold-backed Zim dollar

WIM Team

The central bank says the country must consider adopting a gold-backed Zimbabwean dollar warning that the US greenback’s days as the world’s reserve currency are numbered.



Utah Moves to a Return to Gold Currency

WIM Team

It seems the Utah state House is taking the advice of Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, officially stamping gold and silver as legal tender.

Perspectives of the "WIM Research Group"

Questions regarding monetary transactions are also being discussed at a global level during the present finance, debt and currency crisis.

The question as to the basic principles underlying an "authentic Islamic currency" and the ensuing legal questions is a matter under the scrutiny of the "WIM Research Group".

A clarification of the legal parameters with respect to the use of the "Islamic Dinar" ensures the ongoing safeguarding of the standards and rules of minting.

The "WIM Certification " ensures in this way that no one alters for his own personal advantage the standards applying to the Islamic currency at present in circulation – such that weight, size as well as security features are determined in a uniform manner.

Muslim jurists, lawyers and researchers continue to concern themselves with:

A - basic Islamic legal sources dealing with Islamic currencies (the payment of Zakat, minting, circulation etc.).Legal scholars belonging to the various legal schools of Islam are working in this group.

B - with contemporary background analyses of authentic money transactions in comparison with the present philosophy of paper money.Researcher and academics are working in this group towards regeneration within the current paper money crisis.

C - with all the legal problems existing in connection with the use of the Islamic Dinar und Dirham (VAT, legal tender, statutory provisions at a national level).

Lawyers and international legal chambers are working in this group towards a legal monitoring of a global dinar economy taking into account national legislation.

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